Agtech Cluster

Agtech Clusters are critical to success

Research demonstrates that regional economies with strong clusters have higher levels of innovation, more patents, more entrepreneurship, more successful start-ups, higher export and economy, higher wages and better productivity. Regions with strong clusters are particularly successful in attracting new investment and attracting talent.

Building on BC Resources

BC has many assets that can be leveraged
to benefit agriculture including:

  • Established technology
  • A strong brand
  • Electricity and water resources
  • Gateway ports for export
  • Farmland protection
  • A desirable place to work and live

We have established strategic partnerships to help lead the way.


Agtech research and development + Agritraining and teaching

Science World

Agritourism and public education

* B.C. Food Security Task Force “The Future of B.C.’s Food System.”

Building on Research & Development Partners

BC has a diverse group of universities and institutions with unique skills and resources. Imagine if we could connect more of these resources to Agtech industry partners.

UFV – Research & Teaching Partner

Existing Research Collaborators

Building on our Experience

Nutriva Group Mission

To improve health and
well-being through innovation
and collaboration.

Ecodairy Mission

To inspire a love for agriculture through a fun learning experience
on a working farm.

Bakerview Farm Accomplishments

first in Canada

calf feeder 

first in BC

Vitamin D2

first in world


second in BC

Rice production
& processing

first in Canada

Malting barley

first in Fraser Valley 

beef program

first in world – Using
hydroponic grass
and liquid whey

Wagyu IVF

first in BC/Canada

Palm/Oleic fat
development for dairy feed 

first in Canada

BC Agricenter