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Our Family Farming Journey

Vanderkooi Family, Bakerview Farm & EcoDairy

Through the years farming practices have changed, but the purpose of farming remains the same. Farmers are stewards of the land who work hard to produce high quality products in a sustainable way. You might say farming is in our blood. Hank and Henrietta Vanderkooi are Dutch immigrants who settled in the Fraser Valley to start a farm. A background in family farming has nurtured a great respect and appreciation for agriculture, which is something we strive to pass on to our children and the next generations. We are proud of our farming heritage and feel fortunate to be part of this agriculture community. We are excited to work together to see how farming can adapt to this ever-changing world.

1968 – 1992

Hank & Henrietta Vanderkooi marry and within a few years they have their first son Bill and acquire a dairy farm on South Parallel road in Sumas Prairie.